ADADA features scholarly papers offering new research directions on the current research, development, and practice relating to all kinds of digital arts and design. We strongly encourage researchers involved in these fields to submit papers. This document provides the instructions to follow in order to submit a paper.

Step 1: Choose a Category

(1) Original Article

A paper in this category has to be a logical and empirical report of the study, the review and the proposal by the author on the issue of digital art and design based on media technology. It also has to include the novelty and academic values which can be shared with ADADA members or people who study digital art and design.(Number of pages: 6 -10)

(2) Art Paper

A paper in this category has to consist of the author’s practice, result and expository writing on the field of digital art and design. It also has to have the originality in its concepts, methods, expression techniques and creation process, the result should have some values which can be shared with ADADA members or people who study digital art and design. (Number of pages: 6-10)

Step 2: Prepare your manuscript

All papers should be submitted in the ADADA format. To get the our paper format, go to the format page on the website. You can choose Microsoft word or TeX template.

Paper Format and Paper Writing Guidelines

Step 3: Read author’s guideline carefully

Papers submitted to the International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design must comply with the Author Guidelines. In the case that your paper is not complied with this guidelines, we may reject your paper. [ Author Guidelines ]

Step 4: Send your paper via ADADA OJS Service

ADADA accepts journal submissions through the online paper submission system (ADADA OJS). Please submit your paper using the link below.

If you need any help for your submission process, please contact us easily.