What is ADADA?

The hard and soft aspects of the field of digital imaging have been developing remarkably in these days. The field has consolidated figurative imagery from concepts that only existed in futuristic theory as it appeals to various systems of expression and communication. In addition the software industry and information services in Far East Asia leaders, Japan and South Korea, have been rapidly concentrating on this field. Therefore, the foundation to develop these following fields is needed: extensive education which nourishes researchers, government corporations, the academy, and industry, by organizing a system of applied research for related industries such as Contents Production.

The aim of this association is to establish a theoretical method of media art design that is created by the rich harmony of art sense and human logical thinking based on media technology. Further it aims to use our distinctive ethnic and cultural identities to explore common problems as we contribute to developing academic research and industry in Asia.

Messages from Past and Present Presidents

Article 1. NameThis alliance is named Asia Digital Arts and Design Association International and is abbreviated as ADADA international.

The ADADA logo was specially created by renowned Japanese graphic designer Hisayasu Ihara.