Tetsuaki BABA

The 5th President of ADADA, 2022 - Current

As the fifth ADADA President, I will continue to strongly promote ADADA's ongoing leadership in academic research on digital art and design in the Asian region.

Internationally, Asia is home to many countries that are achieving rapid economic and cultural development. Japan, in particular, is known as the country that achieved the fastest economic development in Asia after the defeat in World War II. At the same time, however, it has faced many challenges in which human beings are victims, such as pollution and social problems.

In the 1990s, these problems caused the Japanese economy to slow down rapidly, and we were forced to seriously consider our own well-being. It is now necessary for us to put aside our delusional pride that Japan has been the leader of Asia. What we need now is to transcend national boundaries and create together. I would like to explore with you ways to enrich Asia through the power of digital art and design.

ADADA is not only an international academic organization, but also a means to contribute to the promotion of art and design in the Asian region and to showcase the beauty of Asia to the world. We hope that many participants will use ADADA as a springboard to connect with the world and have the opportunity to share their research results, design work, and artwork.

I have been participating in ADADA since I was a student, and ADADA will be 20 years old in 2023. I believe that the time is not far off when a country other than Japan will assume the leadership of this ADADA, which originally started at the Kyushu Institute of Design. I will be sitting in the honorary position this time, and I hope that outstanding researchers from Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and even China will become the next ADADA President.

Let us transcend the boundaries between Asian countries and together disseminate Asian digital art and design. That is the raison d'etre of ADADA.