The 4th President of ADADA, 2016 - 2021

Asia Digital Art and Design Association was established in 2002. The field has consolidated figurative imagery from concepts, that only existed in futuristic theories, as they appeal to various systems of expression and communication. In addition, there are also the software industry and information services as you may see from the contents of the ‘International journal of Asia digital art and design’, a periodical publication,

The aim of this association is to establish a theoretical method of media art design that is created by the rich harmony of art sense and human logical thinking based on media technology. Further, it aims to use our distinctive ethnic and cultural identities to explore common problems as we contribute to developing academic research and industry in Asia.

Alliance membership:

This is named Asia Digital Arts and Design Association International Alliance member. This alliance is constituted from each represented association of Asian countries. and act for the purpose of ADADA.

Personal members:

Individuals who support this alliance’s purpose and organization. You may choose an organization of an alliance member to be an ADADA member. The society willingly invites all the people who are interested in digital art and design fields. Members of ADADA can obtain innovative findings and ideas related to digital art and design through the discussion of experts from multiple specialties.

Main activities:International journals electrically 4 times per year

The journal is published 4 times a year (April, July, October, January) and new modifications allow people to post and browse everything online. Active future promotion has also been confirmed.  This Journal consists of 2 categories “Original Article” and “Art paper” and its primary language is English. By that, we aim to make this journal into an academic information magazine of digital arts and design with the background of Asian cultures supported and utilized by designers, artists and researchers all over the world. We encourage all members to take advantage of this journal.

International conferences of ADADA every year

The first Conference was held in Fukuoka, Japan (2002).  Since then the conferences have been held at Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan almost every year. The 14th International Conference on ADADA was held in Bali, Indonesia (2016) with ADADA Japan and UMN (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) .

Topics of ADADA international conference are Animation, Computer Graphics, Visual Effects, Design Theory, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Game, Gamification, Interactive Art, Digital Art, Media Art, Interactive techniques, Innovative devices, Robotics for Art, Gadgets, Education, Digital Archives, Web, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Content Design, Music, Musical Interface, Sonification and so on.

Issues We Must Address

Under former President Tomimatsu’s strong leadership, ADADA become the partners of Cumulus, and our International journal of Asia digital art and design was published in the “Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic” (J-STAGE).  At this occasion of my appointment as the 3rd president of ADADA as successor to former President Tomimatsu, my responsibility is to ensure that I and Committee members continue this process of transformation.

1. Partner of Cumulus, alliance member and cooperating with other academic societiesCumulus is the global association to serve art and design education and research. We welcome partners & members of Cumulus, academic societies, universities to join ADADA International as an alliance member. Furthermore, to globalize our activities, proactively cooperating with other academic societies is essential, and we will make an effort to make progress.

2. Scopus and International JournalScopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed journals. I believe the foundation for heightening the value of ADADA International is to acquire an impact factor for our international journals, and increase the publication of papers.

I sincerely request the kind support and cooperation of all ADADA alliance members.